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Here at Pension Practitioner we are pleased to announce the expansion of our services with the addition of a commercial broker to our team

A bit of background from our commercial broker. 

“I was the Managing Partner at Clydesdale Bank in Regent Street, with 29 years banking experience in client management and providing funding options, amongst my other duties. 17 years of this was initially with RBS/NWB where I reached the position of Regional Director.

At CB, I managed a Team of 40 people and we were one of the largest and most successful offices in the UK.

With the large network that I had built up over the past 29 years of clients, prospects, professionals and key influencers ,alongside the strong personal relationships with Bankers who used to work for me or with me, I can negotiate preferential terms and debt structures.

In relation to my role I can:

  • Assist you with gaining the maximum funds available to secure the refinancing of the existing debt & acquisition.
  • Act as your Financial Advisor in preparing the funding proposal papers, submitting updated papers, analysing all financials and valuations.
  • Attending all meetings with the Bank and presenting the proposal to the relevant parties including Credit Committee.
  • Negotiating the loan term, interest rates, fees, covenants, early repayment penalties etc.
  • Please also be aware that I have prepared Credit papers in a manner which makes it easier for the Bank to read and in line with how Credit Underwriters would want it presented due to my experience.
  • My business covers all aspects of personal and business funding including Property Funding, Commercial Finance, Mortgages, Buy to lets, Short Term Bridging Finance etc

If you would like to learn more about the above service or for impartial guidance, contact

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