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Embrace financial freedom with the flexibility of a SSAS pension

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Pension Freedom has been making waves in the headlines lately, with changes that came in to effect in April of this year.

However, pension freedom has got nothing on a Small Self Administered Scheme. Whereas a traditional pension used to leave your money locked into an inaccessible fund until your retirement, a SSAS offers unparalleled freedom for your business.

For any small business owner, it’s vital to have the means to invest in new opportunities, whether that means getting your hands on new property, or expanding your business to offer new services and increase your revenue.

If you’ve had experience of this so far in your career, you will know how uncooperative banks may  be – not to mention the charges they can levy when you create a business loan. This is where the freedom that a SSAS offers can be so beneficial for your business growth. As a trustee of your SSAS, you have the power to make prudent investment decisions with your pension, and you can loan money from your SSAS to your business!

With this option, you can be in charge of your own loan, and your pension can actually increase at a faster rate than is possible even in the property market. A SSAS offers you freedom from the bank, and creates liquidity for your business, giving you the power to grow without restrictions from outside intervention.

If you would like any further information on how you can make your pension work for you and your business, get in touch with our friendly team of SSAS and Asset Protection experts, we’d love to help.

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