Pension Practitioner
The SSAS Experts

We specialise in SSAS and help UK small businesses grow and pay less tax. We administer hundreds of SSASs for small businesses and we believe that every small business should have a SSAS. Simply put, your business and a SSAS could work perfectly together.

The partners of Pension Practitioner have all operated their own companies in the past and understand the needs and requirements of business owners. This experience combined with in-house knowledge of how pensions work means we have seen our client book increase substantially over the last five years. We have become one of the UK’s largest SSAS providers. We have helped save millions of pounds in tax for small businesses, and provided cash liquidity in difficult times via our SSAS loan back facility.

Why not contact us to find out what we can do for you and your business.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Scheme rule drafting and amendments to trust documents
  • HMRC pension investigations and compliance
  • Investment taxation rules for UK and other EEA registered pension schemes
  • Tax treatment of pension asset transfers and disposals
  • Contribution limit guidance for high earners
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