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We’re dedicated to making your SSAS as simple and beneficial as possible, that’s why we’re offering FREE set up to the first 100 enquiries that lead to SSAS registration.

Already have a SSAS?  We’ll take over an existing scheme for for free.


Not sure just how many benefits SSAS can offer to you or your business? Simply give us a call, email or we can drop by for a no obligation advisory meeting – absolutely free! It’s a can’t-lose situation.

The benefits and freedoms of SSAS mark it out as the clear choice for limited company owners.
If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with our team at Pension Practitioner for impartial, reliable guidance from the SSAS experts!

Call David on 0800 634 4862 

A SSAS is a pension scheme with a wealth of benefits you can enjoy now, not just after retirement.
As a limited company, why wouldn’t you have a SSAS Pension Scheme?


SSASs offer the following range of benefits:


  • The highest level of flexibility of any type of pension scheme in the UK
  • The greatest level of control for the members pre and post retirement
  • Money to be loaned to your company and unconnected third parties
  • Property to be purchased that your company can occupy
  • Up to 11 members can join, making co-investment very simple and cost effective
  • Family members can join
  • You are in full control of your pension fund and the associated bank account
  • Your company can receive tax relief  when it makes a contribution on behalf of its employee members/directors
  • Investment into preference shares of a connected company to raise equity
  • SSAS accepts transfers in from your previous providers
  • Your beneficiaries receive the benefits on death in the most tax efficient   way

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