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Pension Practitioner .Com is a SSAS specialist and a registered HMRC pension practitioner.

We provide a comprehensive range of SSAS services, ranging from scheme administration and advice on HMRC pension practice, to identifying new opportunities within the current regulatory framework that can benefit clients. Our fee structure is clear, short and highly competitive.

Our administration service is comprehensive, efficient and streamlined. Consulting services operate on a time spent basis and we agree with you and the client in advance the timescales, terms of the engagement and the cost involved.

We provide as an extension to our consultancy services that are special projects and seminar speaking at a very competitive cost.
We are a true SSAS specialist, we can deliver all your SSAS requirements efficiently and at a very competitive cost.


SSAS under pension simplification

SSAS has a number of unique features thanks to pension simplification, some of the main ones include:

  • The assets are held in the names of the member trustees; the statutory requirement to have a pensioneer trustee as signatory no longer applies. This is an important feature where a client wants total control over their pension affairs
  • A SSAS can transact with the member on arms length terms in a variety of tax efficient ways
  • Contributions do not need to be allocated at outset, this gives SSAS an edge on IHT, corporation and personal tax planning
  • Loans are permissible, there is considerable flexibility on the form that the security should take
  • A SSAS can act as guarantor in a variety of forms, this can be an excellent business planning tool
  • In specie contributions and third party payments are very flexible via a SSAS
  • Investment in unquoted shares is allowed for SSAS, most SIPP operators no longer permit unquoted shares
  • Non earmarking of assets gives the member trustees considerable flexibility on tax planning
  • There is no longer a requirement for an actuarial valuation report or a pensioneer trustee. SSAS are now simpler to operate



SSAS as a revenue source for advisors

The revenue source for advisors via a SSAS extends beyond the investment of initial contributions and transfer values, Pension Practitioner .Com works with advisors on identifying those sources. Unlike SIPPS, SSAS allows family members and other non employees to join a common trust scheme. The unique trust structure of the Pension Practitioner .Com SSAS allows non-earmarked assets to be passed down to future family generations within the regulatory requirements of HMRC tax efficiently.

Prolonging the longevity of the scheme by allowing non earmarked assets to be transferred to new members is a valuable source of new business. Those new members will have different investment needs to the current membership, those client needs invariably extend beyond pension planning.

Helping you increase revenue

By using Pension Practitioner .Com for SSAS, we:

  • Help you increase the amount of SSAS business you underwrite
  • Increase your revenue stream on existing schemes
  • Assist in client SSAS retention
  • Reduce long term SSAS administration and documentation costs in most circumstances


We achieve this by:

  • Helping you secure new business by providing you with innovative ideas and solutions to convert SSAS client prospects
  • Helping keep your client costs down through the provision of our SSAS services; our administration fee structure is very competitive
  • Providing an excellent standard of personal service to you and the client, which keeps you both happy
  • Identifying scheme issues that may require investment and/or consulting advice as part of our annual SSAS review


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